Erico Falcone @Lakehouse Moonlightbreakfast v Mein Haus am See

24.3.2018 01:00
Mein Haus am See
Brunnenstraße 197198, Berlin, Germany
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Erico's selections is like a train on earth transforming into a spaceship and back again.From disco to techno,from house to funk and vice versa.Lots of new wave influences,raw and Detroit but also progressive and electro.Nothing hidden from the sun,no music can be hidden from Erico Falcone.Played in many important clubs and bars in Berlin and around Europe.He is currently working on new music productions followed by 2 releases already.One is the Falcon Era Ep by Zion Records and one is the Passport Ep by KWR records.Check him out..

*proudly presented by Cosmic Kaspar´s Musiclab & Sounddevelopment*

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