Mark Twain Dine Out, Iowa City

Mark Twain Dine Out v 2 Dogs Pub

24.3.2018 07:00
2 Dogs Pub
1705 S 1st Ave, Iowa City, United States
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Community Dine Out Fundraiser:
2 Dogs Pub and Mark Twain Elementary PTO have partnered to create an opportunity to support our school and a local business, simply by dining out. This is different than the others, as 2 Dogs Pub is allowing us to take advantage of the entire day, 8-11am breakfast, and regular menu until close! Alcohol sales are also included! The more that participate, the more financial support for our school: 2 Dogs Pub will donate 10% of sales between 0-$399, 15% $400-$999 and 20% over $1000 in sales.

First, tell friends and family, and then tell your server that you are with Mark Twain Elementary! You MUST tell the server you're there for the event or the sales won't be added to our total.

We are grateful for this partnership, so let's show our community spirit and eat out!

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