VEGA Klub: Better Listen Records Releaseparty, København

VEGA Klub: Better Listen Records Releaseparty v VEGA Klub

23.3.2018 22:00
Enghavevej 40, København, Denmark
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Come and flash your best dance moves when Better Listen Records celebrate the release of their tenth EP, Sune’s outstanding “Butter Love EP”.

Line up:
➯ Sune (SE) aka. the super talented man of the hour
➯ Martín Miguel (US) aka. the label's head honcho from overseas
➯ Ari Bald (SE) aka. the house king of the north
➯ Dorsi Plantar (DK) aka. an okay cool dude with pretty long hair

♥ Free admittance all night long
♥ House and disco tunes galore
♥ FunktionOne sound system

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